Terms of use

Please read these Terms carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.

  • Terms of participation
    The participation as a Tester is only allowed to adults (accoding to § 13 BGB of german law), which are not acting as businesses (according to § 2 UStG of german law). Participation of Testes in our network does not represent realtionship to testers.de UG as an employee to an employer in any mean
  • Purpose
    The Participants should test for example Software in Internet. The purpose of the test ist to find Bugs in order to improve functionality. usability, security etc
  • Usage of the Data
    The Participant must register as a Tester in testers.de portal, where she/he enters her/his personal information like name, address, phone number, CV etc. These infos are used for internal search in the system in order to find testers relevant to each test. The whole data is saved on secured servers in Germany. Personal information won’t be passed to any 3-rd party. Testers.de UG needs those infos only to execute internal searches and to transfer payments to the testers
  • Testing process
    A test is initiated by a client. The relevant testers receive invitations through the portal and email. The Testers decide whether they want to participate. If yes, she/he should test for example a software as described in each test und reports bugs through the testers.de portal. The participation in tests is not a subject to claim in any manner, so as amount of invitations that Tester receives in month or year is also no subject for claim of in any manner
  • Payment
    The payment for participation in tests is defined in each test. The related taxes pays the Tester. The payment to the Testers is made in following cases (up to decision of testers.de UG in each case): end testing phase, end of month or as soon as the Tester earns 100 euros or more. The payment is done by bank tranfer, WesternUnion, PayPal etc - according to defined by the Tester in her/his profile. The Teste must provide the corresponding infos for money transfer, for example bank account details etc. The possible costs of the money transfer are deducted from Tester’s paybill
  • Liability
    In case of intentional negligence, testers.de UG is completely liable for the caused damage

    In case of small negligence, testers.de UG is unlimitedly liable if the injury to live persons, their body or health. If testers.de UG gto into delays due to small negligence or if the serice became impossible or if testers.de UG broke an important obligation - the liability possible damage is limited. An essential duty is such that the fulfillment of the contractual performance of the contract is only possible at first, the violation of which would jeopardize the achievement of the object of the contract and on which the client may regularly rely.

    In case of losing data due slight negligence, testers.de UG only liable in case the participants have exported and saved their ongoing information (such as billing reports, bugs etc) in a manner that allows recovering data

    The liability for the rest of damage types is absolutely excluded, especially for losing data of hardware disturbances, which were caused due to incompatibility, for example, of installed programs on Tester’s PC, Mac, smartphone etc with a newly installed or approached software or due to wrong configuration or due to bugs in system under test an so on

    The liability for instructions of German Product Liability Law stays untouched
  • Confidentiality obligation
    All information and results concerning the tests must be treated confidentially by the Participants and may not be passed on to third parties.
  • Termination of participation
    The Participant is never obligated to participate in any tests and can require deleting her/his profile and data in system (by sending a request to testers.de UG) - and thus teminate. In the same manner, testers,de UG can terminate participation of any Terster without further notice